3 A 4 CW

Ysgol Griffith Jones

Mrs L Scourfield’s Class

Dosbath Branwen



The children are seated in working groups around the room.  To enhance the children’s learning and to exhibit their thematic work, large colourful notice boards are placed around the classroom. Assessment For Learning material is very noticeable in the class.

Themau Bl 3 a 4 / Year 3 and 4 Themes


Tymor yr Hydref / Autumn Term

Tymor y Gwanwyn / Spring Term

Tymor yr Haf / Summer Term



 Cylch 1 / Cycle 1


Esgyrn, Gwaed a Phethau Ych a Fi / Blood, Bones and Gory Bits


Castell a Dreigiau / Castles and Dragons




Ardal Drychineb / Disaster Zone





 Cylch 2 / Cycle 2


Y Synhwyrau / Sensoria

Plant y Chwyldro / Children of the Revolution



Asiantaeth Deithio / Travel Agents




Yn y Pwll / The Big Dip